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With more than 33 years experience in forensic investigations and fraud risk management, GreyFox and Associates has been said to provide award-winning service to their clients. 

We are very proud of the fact that the vast majority of our clients have repeatedly turned to us for support and assistance. ​

Time Based Fee Structure (Billable Hour Concept)
Services are billed at our hourly rate or part thereof for time spent on an assignment.

This includes time spent investigating, researching, interviewing, drafting of reports and annexures, drafting letters, emails, time spent on telephone calls and all assignment related travel time.
It excludes any costs related to travel and any other costs incurred, where required. Such expenses are rarely required and will always be discussed with, agreed to, and approved by the client in advance, before such an expense is incurred.

Traveling by motor vehicle is billed at the applicable AA rate per kilometer.

Normal Business hours are 08h00 through to 17h00, Monday to Friday. 

All work done outside of normal business hours will be charged at 1.5 x our tariff rate.

Work done on Sundays and Public Holidays will be charged at 2 x our tariff rate.